I am a strong believer that it’s important for me to get to know you and you to get to know me! I don’t want to be just another wedding photographer, but in the end someone you can consider a friend! I am a fun, care-free Florida girl! I have a yorkie-poo named Marlee who is my absolute best friend. I went to University of North Florida and I have a masters degree in Elementary Education. I love people and I could probably talk to a wall if I had too. I am a lover of dogs, coffee, target trips and LOVE! I discovered my love for photography when my sister started having a family. I was always the one to capture all of their big moments. I became obsessed! I have always found joy in capturing the "big moments". I want you to be able to relive your special day over and over.

the beginning of our new friendship

get to know me

fun facts about grace

I am a reality show girly, mostly because I love cringy love stories and I root for every couple. 

I was born in Cape Canaveral, very close to the Space Center. 

I have grown up going to the beach my whole life. 

I am an aries! 

I am a person who never wants to forget a moment. Life is too short and we don’t get to relive life events. When I was in high school, my sister had her first baby. I can still picture that time of watching my best friend become a mom. My niece grew up so quickly and I tried to capture those moments as often as I could so that my sister could relive the times. I still look back at those iPhone pictures and imagine each day.

Years later I realized how much I love photography. I want everyone to have someone there to capture their “big moments” and this started Simply Grace. My name is Grace, and I capture each moment “simply”, meaning I want to photograph things as they come naturally to people. I want your photos to feel authentic and real to you. 

capturing moments authentic to you

The Story Behind simply grace photography

the experience

soulful imagery for sun-kissed moments

The first thing I like to do is learn all about my clients. I love to learn about how you met, things you like to do together, and what your everyday life is like. I truly want your personality to shine through in your session. If you are more of a care free couple, I like to prompt you to do things that induce laughter and fun. If you are more edgy, I like to come up with creative poses that let your style shine through. My ultimate goal is to make your vision come to life while making sure you can feel the image. 

The Heart Behind my work

an experience-ccentered approach

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capturing moments that you'll relive for a lifetime

cultivating authentic memories

Being present in the moment and investing in future memories that capture the moments in life most important to you.